Employability examination. The working capacity of patients depends on the severity of functional disorders. Given the slowly progressive course of the disease, the tendency to spontaneous remissions (and even recovery), patients for many years are able to perform their professional duties.
pediatric physical, occupational, speech therapy

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Alveolar proteinosis is a disease of the lungs when proteins and granules from a protein-fatty substance are formed on the inner surface of the alveoli. Pathology is considered rare, its causes are not fully understood.

Doctors associate it with metabolic disorders in the lungs. The disease is characterized by serious symptoms, when they appear, treatment should be started. Considering what alveolar pulmonary proteinosis is, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of development.

It is associated with excessive accumulation on the walls of Clomiphene of the surfactant (a mixture of substances lining the inside of the alveoli) in an altered form. Normally, surfactant is 90% fat.with proteins and polysaccharides. These substances protect the alveolar wall from the inside, help to absorb oxygen, support immunity and regulate water metabolism. The disintegration of the surfactant is provided by a cycle of alveolocytes and macrophages that carry out phagocytosis. The process is regulated by a factor that has the abbreviated name GM-CSF.

With proteinosis, the quality of the surfactant changes, its volume increases against the background of Clomid phagocytosis of macrophages and a deficiency of GM-CSF. Macrophages that capture surfactant in large quantities quickly fail, and the substance continues to accumulate in the alveoli. Alveolar proteinosis is characterized by the accumulation of granules from the connective tissue. Since the exact causes of the disease have not yet been established, it is referred to the specified section of the classification.

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